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In Business Since October 1997

We are a growing food and kitchenware resource for creative kitchens with innovative products for a public that demands healthy, imaginative and tasty food and helps the creative chef accomplish his or her goal of serving exciting dishes for an appreciative at-home or restaurant audience.





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Chopula  A chopper and a spatula

Chopula by Dreamfarm. Black Chopula by Dreamfarm Blue Chopula by Dreamfarm  Green
Chopula by Dreamfarm  Pink Chopula by Dreamfarm. Yellow 

Chopula by Dreamfarm Purple


Chopula Fire Truck Red Full Image
Chopula Black Resting on Support

Scizza  A pizza scissor that cuts pizza,  pie dough and fabric!

Dreamfarm's scizza cuts fabric also!

Black scizza special order. Red available.

Scizza by Dreamfarm - Pizza Cutter

Cutting pizza with a Dreamfarm scizza

Supoon -by Dreamfarm

Supoon - Heat resistant to 500 deg. F.

 Spoon is heat resistant to 500 deg. F. and is designed to scoop, measure, scrape a bowl clean and it sits up off your work area. Yeah!!

Supoon - Stands off counter work area help[ing to keep it clean while cooking

We have two colors: Fire Truck Red and Black

Chobs - Chopping Board Feet by Dreamfarm

Chobs - Set of 4 Red for Meat - Green for Veggies to secure cutting board by Dreamfarm

To raise board for both-side use  and to make non-slip

Chobs set of 4 feet to raise and secure cutting board

Set of 4 Reversible Red(Meat) Green(Veggies) Feet for Cutting Boards

Dreamfarm BBQ Tongs

Length 15"
Stainless Steel
Tip Color - Black

Long Length for Outdoor Grill Cooking

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