The Dog of Nashville Tennessee

Opened January 2007


The Dog of Nashville Logo Sign


Around the World  Dog  - Vietnam


The Hot Dog of Nashville has elevated hot dogs to world cuisine with this Vietnam World Dog.



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This quaint former residence at 2127 Belcourt Avenue in Nashville Tn is now The Dog of Nashville


2127 Belcourt Ave, Hillsboro Village, Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 292-2204



Sign announcing sausage festival and wrestling event


While wandering around the eclectic Hillsboro Village in Nashville, Tn. this sign caught my eye. I had never been to a sausage festival and the special meats included elk, gator and boar. "Live Wrestling" was a secondary observation but I checked it out in the back.  While eating my  "Around the World Dog Italy " I watched some blustery body-throwing wrestlers perform for the taunting crowd.



Patrons lined up for a their choice of exotic meat dogsCooking hot dogs "out back" for hungry patrons.Beautiful weather and patient patrons await their "dog"

Lengthy lines for exotic dogs beans and slaw



Patrons enjoy food and drink at The Dog of Nashville.




Wrestling match provides entertainment in back parking lot at The Dog of Nashville


Wrestling match at the 2010 Sausage Festival



The Italian World Dog adds worldly taste to a hotdog.


Around the World Dog-Italy-Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction and basil oil.



Dining in the front patio is where friends congregate.


Front patio and porch dining at The Dog in Nashville



Great Hotdogs - Oh my!!


Customers love these hotdogs!!




Around the world dog - Vietnam. Beef dog topped with thinly sliced cucumber, pickled carrot, lemongrass, sriracha aioli and fresh cilantro. Gerst Amber Ale. Great dogs, football tv at The Dog of Nashville.




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