CIA San Antonio - The Campus at Pearl Brewery


Culinary Institute of America Grand Opening San Antonio Campus at the Pearl.

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The Culinary Institute of America Campus at The Pearl in San Antonio



Located at The Old Pearl Brewery the smokestack remains as a visible sign of its historic past.


CIA Culinary Institute of America - Art display from the Americas

Culinary Institute of America Professional Teaching Kitchwens

CIA - San Antonio Culinary School.

CIA San Antonio has incredible classrooms with latest technology.

CIA is a highly professional school for serious culinary students.

CIA Instructors are culinary professionals who stay ahead of the culinary curve.

CIA teaching kitchens have the latest equipment.

Sharpening kitchen skills help make dreams come true at Culinary Institute of America.

At CIA all types of cooking skills are available including this parrillaa  grill.

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Extraordinary Teaching Facilities


With sensitive regard to the historic Pearl Brewery the CIA has built an extraordinary facility to support it's 30 week Culinary Arts Certificate Program and numerous shorter courses. The first floor features three new teaching kitchens, two skills kitchens that were designed to support the CIA's core curriculum programs, and a one-of-a-kind Latin Kitchen.

With professional facilities located both indoors and outdoors, the Latin Kitchen is the world's premier culinary facility for educating students and professionals about the indigenous cooking techniques of Mexico and Latin America. Outdoors, the facility showcases specialized equipment including a wood-fired clay comal for tortillas, and a Parrilla grill and Barbacoa Pit for traditional roasting techniques. Indoors, the Latin Kitchen captures the heritage of Latin America, with Talavera Tile walls, a wood-fired oven, a Latin Foods demonstration theater and six cooking suites.

The second floor of the new facility features a professional bakeshop sponsored by Dunkin Donuts, classrooms, and an additional demonstration theater and conference space that can accommodate up to 350 participants. The bakeshop was made possible by a one million dollar pledge by Dunkin' Brands CEO and CIA Board Member Jon Luther. It will enable the CIA to educate students and industry professionals about traditional Latin American baked goods, which are still unfamiliar to many in North America.

The building also features a new computer lab, library, and offices for the college's faculty and administration.

This facility has incorporated many "green" practices including ionized water for cleaning, a composting machine, a solar array used to generate electricity to name a few.





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